Special diet for non-sports fans decreases 7 kg

Special diet for non-sports fans decreases 7 kg :

This accursed implemented in some medical centers for the ruins of the weight of heart patients who will process close to deadline, which is very effective contains all varieties of food and the aim is to lose between 4-7 kilos in one week in order to prepare patients for operations and relies way the multiplication of foods that burns calories and especially Assistant Bureau of Statistics on the burn, which consists of.

1) six large beads of yellow or green onions.
2) six beads garlic.
3) 2 beads Green Pepper cool.
4) pack one or two cans of tomato juice.

5) a large grain of cabbage.
6) package of celery, a US-like leaf parsley in terms of his Green Paper from the top and unfortunately his green stalks resemble green onions.
And can be added to vegetable bouillon cube section can all navigator Filv and curry sauce and pour the warm water and let it boil for 45 minutes and then put it in the fridge.

Should be taken into account to avoid drinking soft drinks and other
Advised to drink water because of its effect on the sense of satiety ten minutes of eating soup.

You can also continue your diet but with modified quantities and to refrain from eating three hours before bedtime, avoiding soft drinks and a lot of drinking water, which reduces the feeling of hunger and cleans the body.

Some, however, looking for magic solutions more like recipes Alternative Medicine, heading many experts and doctors nutrition to these recipes studied, validating, where they found that the addition of hot spices, turmeric, cinnamon and add fresh ginger to the authorities and soups stimulates metabolism and increases the ability to burn fat and gives energy kinetics of the biggest, is also important to replace the usual beverage drinks to lose weight, such as lemon juice with ginger or cumin, or drenched sagebrush.

It is accompanied by weight loss with body taut and lovely to be sports, as there are simple exercises and does not require a lot of time, such as warm-up exercises or aerobics that can do in the home of a quarter to half an hour three times a week at least, but if you're a fan of walking, he Sport and distinctive enough to get rid of weight and tension which increases the storage of fat in the body.

Remember that the experience of weight loss should not be painful, but it can make it a means to discover our capabilities and our will, and to connect with our bodies to get the results of the physical and psychological wonderful.

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